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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

Helen Keller

bakery workshop

We offer two tracks:

Our Knead to Rise 


Baking for Life Workshop 

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Our Knead to Rise


Our Knead to Rise provides vocational experiences and life-skills preparation for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have aged out of secondary education. 


We meet each new baker at their starting point, tailoring their working environment to their needs and abilities. We provide hands-on experience from the very first day as we continually assess each baker's evolving skills. New bakers start out working two-hour shifts, which increase in length as their comfort and abilities develop. 


Our bakers begin by making more forgiving items, such as granola, practicing basic skills while learning their way around the pantry. As their abilities increase, our bakers transition to more advanced items such as cookies, bread, and babka. We provide modeling at all times and support when needed. Meeting new challenges and mastering new skills brings pride and a sense of fulfillment; working alongside others and selling bread to the public builds a sense of community.


Our Knead to Rise is open for individuals who want to learn the ways of the bakery and see themselves working in such an environment in the long run. There is no fee. For information, and to apply, email Shiri Reuveni-Ullrich.

Baking for Life Workshops

Participants in our Baking for Life program bake any- and everything from scratch and with minimal support: brownies, cookies, crackers, cakes, and even breads. The work environment is tailored to each baker’s skills and abilities to be both accessible and challenging. We provide a slow work pace and abundant reinforcement, with the goal of fostering independence for all in the kitchen.


All products made in these workshops are sold to support the growth of Rising Above Bakery.

Baking for Life Workshops take place Monday through Thursday during the day. The fee is $70 per hour for each baker. 

For more information, and to register, email Shiri Reuveni-Ullrich

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