"Food is the ingredient that binds us together"

- Anonymous

Why We're Here

Rising Above Bakery, Inc will employ individuals with special needs as equal members of the team. We will create a supportive and loving community for our hired staff. We will provide a judgment-free atmosphere that is inviting to both employees and patrons alike. 

Through our employment model, equal opportunities for all people of all abilities, we will actively demonstrate to our community that each one of us has so much potential regardless of our appearance, verbal abilities or any other seemingly impeding factor. 

We will provide the full experience of delicious breads and baked goods by creating a growing community of people who work together regardless of their physical and/or cognitive challenges. 

The bakery will provide training, job coaching and support for all our hired individuals. We will help each one of our trainees to unveil their skills and abilities in the kitchen and in hospitality. 


of individuals with special needs are unemployed


are unemployed due to their special need


are unemployed due to lack of education or training

Our Vision

Rising Above Bakery, Inc. is moving forward with our plans to create a  bakery by the fall of 2020.  At first our bakery will operate as a cottage bakery, located in Chestnut Ridge, NY. We will start with offering training to individuals who are interested in sourdough bread baking as well as gaining baking skills. Our training will prepare for employment in such bakery. We look forward to making a dent in the percentages above as we train and provide meaningful jobs to our staff. 


What we are going after is no small vision, and we know it will require the help of a village. With your support not only will our village grow but so will our impact.


If you wish to become part of this project in any possible capacity, please send us an email. There is so much to still do, that we are confident we can find you a role in this operation. 

Build Up Team 

Boulangere /Instructor
Restaurant Consultant 
Food Service Design
Chef/Recipe Developer
Public Relations

Our Board


We can bake bread together. as one.

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